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BEARS Winter Series

Winter series 2016 will include all the same classes as last year including Formula One 'B' , CAMS pre '89 & Buckets.

Round One points HERE
Round Two Sunday June 12th 'B' Track Mike Pero Motorsport Park Ruapuna
This will be the very last 'B' Track event. Track management have decided due to the environment court's ruling and other contributing factors the 'B' track will no longer be available for hire. So if you love the 'B' track make sure you are there for this one and ENJOY!
Round Three to Six dates are still to be confirmed and will be published shortly. There will be one round per month through to October all on the Full track at Mike Pero Motorsport park.  



Annual General Meeting
The AGM of the BEARS Motorcycle club will be held on the 20th of July 2016 at a venue still to be determined. Nomination forms and more information will be published as soon as a venue is confirmed. In the meantime put this date in your calendar and come along and make a difference. Remember to nominate or vote at the AGM you must be a financial member so keep your membership current.

Remits 2016
Every two years the BEARS club call for remits. Remits are your chance to propose changes to the BEARS classing structure. For instance if you think there should be a change to machine capacities, engine, chassis design, year of manufacture etc. in a particular class now is your time to tell us. When you write your remit you must be very clear what the rule change is. You will need to justify the change, what benefits it will have, who will it effect, how will it be implemented and what will be the long term effects. 

Remits can be submitted in writing to the Secretary BEARS Motorcycle Club Inc. PO Box 22329 Christchurch 8142. They must be in by May 31st 2016. All remits will be reviewed by the committee and then tabled for discussion. Remits will be voted on at the AGM meeting immediately after close of AGM business. Any new rule voted in will not take effect until Sound of Thunder 2017  







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