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Principal Sponsors

PPG Automotive Refinish is the major sponsor of the John Britten Tribute. They were one of the original Britten sponsors and it is great to have them on-board and once again associated with the brand.
Motorcycle Trader & News have naming rights to the large marque that will house the Britten display. They were also an original sponsor of the Britten and will be publishing adds and articles through their media network.
Traffic R Us & Rolling Thunder have supported Sound of Thunder in the past and once again will be principal sponsors of the 2015 event.
And special thanks to the 
Britten Motorcyle Company for their support and providing the bikes & memorabilia for display.
There are still plenty of sponsorship opportunities available for anyone wishing to be a part of this amazing event. For details on naming rights to a class of racing or programme advertising contact:
Murray Sutherland BEARS President. email 

Start line Sound of thunder 1993

SOUND of THUNDER start-line 1993

  • Sound_of_thunder_2013_8_20130905_1281755180
  • Sound_of_thunder_2013_3_20131028_1239413948
  • _MG_0815
  • Sound_of_thunder_2013_4_20130905_1833460244
  • Sound_of_thunder_2013_2_20130905_1846133943
  • Sound_of_thunder_2013_5_20130905_1136000692
  • Sound_of_thunder_2013_1_20130905_1226624879
  • Sound_of_thunder_2013_6_20130905_1938423337
  • Sound_of_thunder_2013_1_20130905_1312486946
  • Sound_of_thunder_2013_9_20130905_2046274673
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